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Aki's Kitchen's Clients Reviews 


Soup Review 

"Everything is so delicious! My husband and I had broccoli soup along with the great chicken spread on crackers as soon as I arrived home. Yum. " FB


Soup Review 

"Just finished the squash soup- delish!!! Paired it with roasted veggie flatbread- yum. Thank you" -Cathy


Aki's Kitchen

I’ve had the privilege to be acquainted with the Goldberg family for over … let’s say many years. Actually, Aki and I have known each forever but became friends as teenagers.

Being invited at the Goldbergs on high holidays or at the summer buffet for late Harry’s – Aki’s father – birthday was something to look forward to. The warm welcoming by all the members of the family and their pets, the smell that caressed the nose like the promise of a delight, the beautifully set table, the gorgeous flowers all over the place, the warmth, the hospitality, the joyful atmosphere. Each and everyone was overexcited by the thought of the delicious food of Aki’s mother, Ilse, and the fun and jokes of Aki father, Harry. As short as they both were, as great as they were. Great hearts, great minds. One could instantly enjoy the kindness and laughter, the love and friendship, the wonderful, amazing food and the heterogeneous bunch of people. Ilse was the kind of woman that always tried to outdo herself, and the odd thing is that she so often managed to. She hardly ate on those occasions but enjoyed looking at all her guests licking their lips and overeating, already complaining they will have put on weight and won’t be able to eat for the coming three days. But most of all she took pride in the grateful gaze her dear husband fixed on her and the satisfied smile he gave her.

Growing up in such a close and warm family, with such a domestic goddess and kitchen princess mum and such a generous and bon vivant dad, it’s no wonder Aki successfully followed her father’s footsteps at first but finally chose food above jewelry. She was taught from the cradle, through the tragic past of her Holocaust surviving parents, that eat one’s fill is a blessing but that turning every meal into a feast is making life a jewel.

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