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Farm to Plate

On the East End of Long Island, lies the culinary comforts of Aki’s Kitchen. Each soup’s flavor is finetuned and curated with wholesomeness in mind and ingredients are handpicked by Aki herself. Her love stems from the times her mother would make meals for the family and she’d watch the joy on her father’s face as everyone enjoyed a meal together. Because her parents were holocaust survivors, they taught Aki to cherish food, family, and friends. Bringing people together and sharing meals was an important tradition in her family, which Aki wants to continue honoring with her carefully crafted soups for you. Alongside her vibrant Jewish culture, flavors from various corners of the world have influenced Aki and her quest to elevate the soups we’ve all come to know and love. Now, Aki aims to extend this labor of love to all plates everywhere, from signature soups like spicy heirloom tomato or her twist on chicken noodle!

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